I Am an Upstander Because...

  • “I am committed to putting an end to bullying of any kind. I will speak out any time I see or hear someone being bullied or bullying someone else. It is time for it to stop! As adults we need to send the message loud and clear.”

    —Brenda Saharic, Glen Gardner, NJ
  • “Growing up I was being picked on day after day. By the time that I got to junior high I finally told myself that enough is enough and with the support of my friends I stood up the bullies and you know what they listend to me! They stopped bullying me and left me alone. You see I've moved from state to state since kindergarden and every school there is a couple kids who think "Wow lets pick on the new girl" I got made fun of for my skin color, my looks, the way i dressed and many other things. I don't want anyone to go through what I had to go through so let's stand up and STOP the bullying!”

    —Katlynn wilmott, glendale, az us
  • “There is absolutely no reason to bully someone. I was bullied, and I see that. I hate seeing people get hurt. I want to make a difference.”

    —Ammie, La Crescent, MN
  • “There is this girl and everyone talks stuff about her even I did.When some kids ganged up on her and she ran off I went looking for her.I found her behind a tree crying I felt sorry for her and told the teacher.After that I stand up for her when kids talk about her.”

    —Tresor, New Mexico
  • “My philosophy, really is DON'T MOCK, JUST TALK. We all must love each other, despite our differences. We all are difference, and beautiful in our own ways. I am an upstander because I'll never find my self in a situation where someone is getting bullied and I won't help them. We all need to help one another, its humanity.”

    —Kajal, Edison, NJ
  • “Let's work to help young people learn to notice the good qualities of other people as well as see the prosocial strengths in themselves.”

    —Donna Waletzko, Greendale, USA
  • “I don't want any of my friends to be bullied. I will tell a teacher or adult and stop them.”

    —Jaxon Bumgarner, Simpsonville, SC
  • “I stop untrue and hurtful messages from spreading online and in school.”

    —Jessica, California, USA
  • “I am tired of the name calling because of the color of my skin. there is nothing i can do about it and im GORGEOUS!”

    —Eliza, Atlanta, GA
  • “I know what is like, I know how it feels. I was a victim of bullying and I was so down. I just want to tell all people out there that you are good enough and no one can make you feel less than that because you are an amazing person. Stay strong & believe in yourself. STOP BULLYING, Bullying is never OK & it will never be.”

    —Sharon, Mexico City
  • “i know how if eels to be bulled i had to get into a few fight to make it stop even still i hurt and there is now way to turn back time so plez stop bulling”

    —sandy, hazleton
  • “I can”

    —Afrida, New York
  • “I earn and give respect by loving myself and others for who we all really are. Because I knew you, I have been changed for good.”

    —Kendall, Orlando, FL
  • “I've been bullied before and now, being in high school, you'd think that kids are more mature now. But the truth is bullying will always exist! I took the incentive myself to try not to be a bully and openly accept people's differences. smile

    —Sam, nj
  • “I was bullied as a young person in school and didn't ask for help. Guys, there are adults that care for you and we will help. I want to help. Ask an adult you trust for help. Luv you guys. ”

    —Dave Rathjen, Citrus Heights USA