I Am an Upstander Because...

  • “I am an upstander because I know the pain the victims feel. As a young child being bullied in school because I was "different" because I was involved in theater and music. But theater helped me get past that. I will keep fighting for as long as I live to end the bullying.”

    —Jennifer Wilson, Nutley, US
  • “My 10 year old nephew is being bullied at school right now. His school doesn't seem to want to get involved. It is terrible to see what this boy goes through.”

    —Heather Thorn, Oshkosh, WI
  • “I welcome new students at my school.”

    —Mario, NYC, USA
  • “Bullying has become a terrible problem. Bullying not only hurts ones self esteem, but can destroy the spirit. I think more people need to take a stand and if you witness bullying, defend someone.”

    —Kim Berkowski, Centralia USA
  • “"It Gets Better" now as a parent of a young elementary child hearing these stories of bullying & suicides these days breaks my heart. I too agree with "Treat others the way you would want to be treated" and especially with respect & without any prejudice. Life will always be hard high school & college really should be the best time of your life and quite frankly for many due to not being popular its not. It can be terrible....most days you may not even want to go. I say never let anyone or anything change who you are or your appearance just always love & respect yourself.....believe in yourself, goals, dreams, etc. because "No One Can Make Your Dreams Come True But You" and no one can stop you either. I will stand up for any student that I feel is being bullied or disrespected in any way as a volunteer parent in school!”

    —Jodie S., Newport, KY USA
  • “stop bullying, stop rumors and physical bullying , stop cyberbullying , stop telling other people what to do, stop verbal bullying stop disrespecting others , stop indirect bullying , be kind to others, do not talk about someone behind their back . If you are being bullied tell someone, get help. Don't fight with hate. Don't mess with eachother. We DO NOT tolerate nonsense (drama!) and bullying!!!”

    —5th grade class 113 , philadelphia, PA
  • “Kids need a voice, but not at the expense of other kids. It is our responsibility to teach kids how to be good citizens and respect those around them.”

    —Sherry, Spokane, WA, USA
  • “I always stand up for the victim and underdog. I've been personally bullied and a lot of my friends have been too. It's not okay, so I always take a stand against bullying. Everyone should see the movie BULLY.”

    —Zara, New York, USA
  • “If you are reading this and you are a bully, STOP! And if you are being bullied right now, don't worry. Things will get better. You are appreciated. --"Someone out there needs you to keep living" -Anon --"Hope is found" -Mike tompkins”

    —Michelle Walsh, Highlandlakes, NJ
  • “I'm not afraid to stand up to bullies. I think we can all learn something and be a little nicer to one another. Maybe then the bullies will catch on and find out that kind people are the cool ones.”

    —Meaghan, New York
  • “I am proud to say I am an UPSTANDER because I am 100% AGAINST BULLYING. I don't allow people to bully me or others. I ALWAYS say "thank you", and give out plenty of SMILES to those who need one, and even those who don't. I keep an OPTIMISTIC attitude, and FORGIVE others, including myself. Lastly, I CANNOT STAND IT when I hear a person use the terms 'GAY' or 'RETARDED' as an insult. Those people need to UNDERSTAND that they are not only insulting everybody in the world that REALLY ARE GAY OR RETARDED and their FAMILIES, but they are also INSULTING their OWN FAMILIES and THEMSELVES. My Message: THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK! -Makenna Paige, 13”

    —Makenna, Greensboro, NC, USA
  • “Bullying is not right, to say at least. Causing pain to others is just not cool. I've never been a bully, and never have had one. But I know how much it much it must hurt, and I know what hurting feels like. I would just love to remind everyone, that YOU are too special to worry about what others think of you. You are beautiful, you are amazing. No matter where you go, you will encounter mean and cruel people - its life. But you are Wonderful. Just know I'm calling you that. You are here for a reason - so don't let anyone hold you back, let you're reason shine! :]”

    —Kajal, NJ,USA
  • “I think we can help stop bullying by having a room and where people come and tell a peer or teacher what happened then calm down by writing or drawing. ”

    —Deborah, PS 200, Queens, New York
  • “Bullying won't stop until someone takes action. Every human being is as valuable and has the right to be him/herself. Don't join the one or the ones who are bullying.”

    —Mia H, Vaasa, Finland
  • “Bullying is something that never goes away...even after the actions have stopped, the hurtful words haunt you long after. As a victim of bullying, I understand the emotional wounds that never completely heal. I am an upstander because I stood up to my bullies and put a stop to my torment. My school did nothing..I fought alone. I want all schools to join this movement to stop bullying for good! Wicked is such a powerful musical because it shows what can happen when one is unfairly judged misunderstood. I support Wicked and Bullybust to the fullest!”

    —Dani Granati, Roswell, GA, USA