I Am an Upstander Because...

  • “I am a student in 6th grade, and I am an upstander because I make sure to include everyone is anything that they want to do.”

    —Becca, New York, New York
  • “I take pride in diversity”

    —Melinie Latham, Tallahassee , Florida
  • “Bullying is wrong. I stand with those who experience it, who confront it, who take action against it on behalf of themselves or others. We all need to take responsibility for what happens.”

    —Kelsey, Brooklyn, NY, Past experience of being bullied
  • “I have a great friend who is bullied because of her personality. I always stick up for her, in every way I can. No one deserves that kind of treatment...each person in this world deserves fair treatment and to live happily and care-free.”

    —Jill Martin, Huntsville, USA
  • “Because I believe in compassion and equality for all people no matter race, origin, or sexuality.”

    —Jordan Christina Oldham, North Carolina, USA
  • “Being an upstander is not easy. I have been bullied my entire life--mostly by the people closest to me(friends and family). Rather then stand up for myself, I believed them. I hated myself. Knowing how that feels, I now do my absolute best to make sure that other people do not feel that way. If I see ANYONE being bullied, whether 5 years old or 105 years old, I will support them. It is my dream to pursue a career in social work so that I can help both the bully and the bullied. I hope many more join the cause to end bullying. LOVE ALL!”

    —Alyssa, Orange County, NY, College student-social work
  • “I am bullied and bullying needs to be stopped.”

    —Hannah Avila, Philippines
  • “I was bullied as a child. It was a battle every day of elementary school. I would come home and cry each day. Luckily I was able to move away from that bully, but not all children are that lucky. I made a vow not to do that to anyone ever because I knew how it felt! ”

    —Laura, Atlanta
  • “I'm a 53 year old woman. I was bullied from 6th thru 8th grades. The teachers were afraid of these kids. I'd love to sit down with these kids and tell them what impact they have done to my life. I wanted to die. I'm here to say. Being bullied stinks it hurts but tell a teacher tell your parents tell an adult.. Don't let them get away with it.. ”

    —andrea, nh usa
  • “Speak up- don't put down. The only way that we can stop bullying is if we are positive and work together to stand up for each other. Especially on the internet-that's the worst.”

    —Jane, Winchester, MA, student
  • “I was a bystander once, but never again! Never will I let anyone be bullied while I can do something to help. I am an upstander now. The world can change, and it starts with me. To infinity, and beyond!”

    —Jahnavi, Bangalore, India
  • “Ideas of how to stop bullying: - Create a Bully Box - Lessons about bullies - Create a safe spot - Tell a teacher if bullying is going on in the school. - Create posters - Have a bully-free school - Access to a bully-free website - Help others with their problem”

    —Ariel, PS 200, Queens, New York
  • “Bullying is not right, to say at least. Causing pain to others is just not cool. I've never been a bully, and never have had one. But I know how much it much it must hurt, and I know what hurting feels like. I would just love to remind everyone, that YOU are too special to worry about what others think of you. You are beautiful, you are amazing. No matter where you go, you will encounter mean and cruel people - its life. But you are Wonderful. Just know I'm calling you that. You are here for a reason - so don't let anyone hold you back, let you're reason shine! :]”

    —Kajal, NJ,USA
  • “All my life I've been bullied, non-stop, I'm a heftier kind of person and I'm also gay, so yea I have been the person most people would target, and yet, no body has done anything about it, finally I got sick and tired of it and said ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH, now in school i defend the people that get bullied, and im happy with my life now.”

    —Zack, Houston, Texas
  • “No one deserves to be bulllied. We are all equals and should strive to make schools fun and accept diversity. We need to stand up for those who are weaker and bring down bullies who are stronger.”

    —Pamela, Peabody, USA