I Am an Upstander Because...

  • “Ideas on how to stop and prevent bullying in your school: - Create a safe spot - Talk to bullies - Start a bully program - Having a bully free school - Help your friends - Lessons about bullying - People telling the teacher - Create a "Bully Box" where you can write about your experience of being bullied”

    —Jordan, PS 200, Queens, New York
  • “I am tired of people bullying. I wish there was a world where everyone was created equal. It doesn't matter what you wear or how you look. Who cares if your hair doesn't look right, who cares if you have a different taste in clothes. I hate when people always make fun of 'retards' also. I hate that word. I can't stand it! People throw that word around like it's nothing and it's pathetic. Bullies need to realize that no one is perfect and they themselves are not either. If you are being bullied, please tell someone and try as much as you can to make it end. Don't let it lead to suicide. Your word will be heard, I promise.”

    —Samantha, Benton, e.g. Student, Parent, Teacher, etc.
  • “I am an upstander because I went through the pain of being bullied in elementary, middle, and high school and no one deserves to be bullied. I live in a town where two alumni from our local high school allegedly bullied Tyler Clementi just before he committed suicide. Bullying hurts all of us and we need to stop it by being upstanders and allies.”

    —Dr. Stuart Chen-Hayes, Plainsboro, NJ, USA
  • “Bullying is something that never goes away...even after the actions have stopped, the hurtful words haunt you long after. As a victim of bullying, I understand the emotional wounds that never completely heal. I am an upstander because I stood up to my bullies and put a stop to my torment. My school did nothing..I fought alone. I want all schools to join this movement to stop bullying for good! Wicked is such a powerful musical because it shows what can happen when one is unfairly judged misunderstood. I support Wicked and Bullybust to the fullest!”

    —Dani Granati, Roswell, GA, USA
  • “This world needs love! The problem is that people don't care. We are the world, we NEED to stop bullying. Let's show love to the victims AND the bullies. Show the bullies there are better ways to have fun and someone cares about them too.”

    —Andrea, Cincinnati OH, e.g. Student, Parent, Teacher, etc.
  • “Hey Kids...please STOP! You are OUR tomorrow. You need to have more self control, you need to have better values, you need to realize that harrassing someone or saying hurtful things is wrong. Start caring. Abraham Lincoln said "Do good feel good, do bad feel bad" live by this. You have the power, start having a conscience and treat others the way you want to be treated. Just love one another..thats not that hard.”

    —terry evers, franklin ma
  • “Bullying won't stop until someone takes action. Every human being is as valuable and has the right to be him/herself. Don't join the one or the ones who are bullying.”

    —Mia H, Vaasa, Finland
  • “I am bullied and so are my two best friends.I'm bullied because I'm fat.One day a boy drew a pig on the whiteboard at school and said it was me.The teacher didn't do anything.My friend is bullied because she went to special ed.So they call her retarded and that she has lice,but she really doesn't.My other friend is bullied because she is different than most of the students.She is short and really shy so kids yell in her and say are you deaf or are you stupid or something.So thats why I try to stand up to kids who bully”

  • “i was bullied in 6th grade because of who i hung out with so i dressed in baggie clothes and mean girls at school where making fun of me but i had good friends they told me to ignore them and now that i am in 8th people are different they still make fun of you so now i try to help people that are being bullied”

    —merriah, minnesota usa
  • “People who bully can hurt your feelings. But stick and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me? WHO CAME UP WITH THAT!?”

    —Macy, Washington
  • “I am an upsider because i was bullied and is still now currently being bullied and i dont know why. But i know a way to power through it. Just ignore it or if that doesnt work, talk to an adult if it happens at school or if it doesnt happen at school, tell an parent or even since they passed the no bulling law tell the police that what is happening to you. I have done that a couple times and trust me it works.”

    —stephanie butler, Monroe township, New Jersey
  • “I have a great friend who is bullied because of her personality. I always stick up for her, in every way I can. No one deserves that kind of treatment...each person in this world deserves fair treatment and to live happily and care-free.”

    —Jill Martin, Huntsville, USA
  • “I love you. You are special. People will see that. STAY STRONG. YOU ROCK!!”

    —Karissa, Michigan
  • “be who you are and dont care what anyone else say <3 smile

    —ari, Ayer, USA
  • “Don't worry about what other people say. Be a leader not a follower. Don't become a bully if you are bullied. Do not bully in order to fit in. Be you and only you, do not others influence you or change you. Choose something that will relax you and release anger. You are unique and beautiful!! Follow your dreams and let no one stop you! You can succeed!”

    —5th grade class 114, philadelphia, PA