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Upstander in Action

Here are some resources and examples of Pro-Upstander service-learning projects for your alliance. There are a variety of options here, from one-day projects with just a few people, to school-wide and community-wide efforts. We are also giving you an opportunity to share your ideas with other Upstander Alliances on how to create innovative, powerful and meaningful Pro-Upstander service-learning projects:

“With all we know, we could write a book!”
So much of what you and your friends experience in school is knowledge that can be valuable (and even life saving!) for others. Writing books about bullying gave some Florida middle-school students a better understanding of how their words and actions impact others and validated the feelings of some targets of bullying. Here’s how they went about planning their Pro-Upstander project.
“Walk A Mile in Their Shoes-Pink Shirt Day”
In 2007, two high school students (David Shepherd and Travis Price) started the Pink Shirt movement after they saw a new student being bullied and harassed for wearing a pink T-shirt. That evening, they purchased as many pink shirts as they could find and then distributed them around the school the next morning, flooding the halls with pink. Since then, the day has become an annual event to help put an end to bullying in schools. What are some Pro-Upstander Projects your Upstander Alliance can design that help others see things differently?
“I am Everyone!”
A group of students and their teacher at Flushing International School in New York City had enough. After having seen two Chinese students attacked with bats just because they were different, they decided to create a video that spread the message of celebrating diversity rather than fearing it. Are there actors, directors, filmographers and editors in your Upstander Alliance? How about making a video for your school and community with a similar message?
“Students On Board”
All too often we think that all the big decisions at our school are made by “them”, “the grown-ups”. All our schools have School Boards. And most are eager to listen to the views of students on a number of issues. School board members care about what students think, feel and want to do to create even safe, more supportive, engaging and helpfully challenging schools. The National School Board Association (NSBA) has developed a series of suggestions about key questions for you to consider before meeting with school board members as well as steps you may want to consider after meeting with school board members.
Be a real school leader
High school upperclassmen put together a youth leadership conference called STRIVE, an acronym for Students Teaching Respect Integrity Values and Equality. They hosted a couple hundred 8th graders from all over the county to help make the transition into high school a little easier, and to help them avoid common pitfalls that may lead to bullying.
The Bus Bully Project
We have the opportunity to be Upstanders even on the bus to and from school! Check out how these 3rd and 5th graders made a huge difference in making others feel safe and included at their school.
To learn more about full-scale service learning programs, check out these sites:
GOTO Service Learning.org
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Groundwater Foundation
Share your ideas with us!
All of the ideas that you see on this page came from students just like you. You can make such a huge difference for others by sharing your great service-learning ideas with us.