The Middleburg Upstanders

Middleburg Community Charter School (MCCS), from Middleburg, VA promotes Upstander behavior by engaging students in immersive classes...Read More

Video Resources

How often do we watch a television show, see a play, hear a song, or go to the movies and think: “Hey, I can relate to that”. For most of us, we not only come out of the movies we see being entertained. We also get a message to ponder, an idea to share, or an example we want to follow. That is the idea behind Upstanders Go to the Movies. This site will provide you with many different scenes from Hollywood movies that will help to promote the important ideas that are part of our tasks as Upstanders. Make sure you come back often for new clips that will help you and your Upstander Alliance:

  • learn together
  • foster related service learning activities
  • promote great discussions about important topics
  • have fun together!

Upstander Examples

Top Upstander examples that might be helpful for you and your team to get your project started.

Anti-Bullying Flashmob
Role Call
Bullying We'll Stop It
Words Can Hurt
Savannah Robinson - Beautiful
Acceptance Vancouver Giants Hockey Flash Mob 2013